This devoted man tells me

​my name is in tune with his heart;

my voice is music to his ears;
my scent lingers sweetly til he closes his eyes at night.
Sweet whispers and lacy words

yet he remains the one I’m not in love with.

Don’t Date A Man Prettier Than You

Don’t date a man with waxed eyebrows…

Chances are he’s more beautiful than you

or is just not into girls!

You’ll also look like his production assistant. 
Don’t date a man who never shaves his beard…

You never know what’s underneath.

There could be a beehive inside, who knows,

but really, what is he hiding behind that bushy bush?

Don’t date a guy who spends an hour before a mirror…

Fat chance is he’s a control freak

who loves himself and himself alone.

What a waste!
Don’t date a man whose earrings are brighter and bigger than yours…

Or he will outshine your sparkle given any situation.

He doesnt take them off even in bed,

which pricks your neck and legs.
Don’t date a man who ties his locks in a bun…

It gives him the height to stand taller.

All the more reason to treat you bad.
Or one who asks you to get

a big jar of hair gel every week.

More likely you are competing with his locks

only to find out in the end you are of no match.
Don’t date a man who makes a man of you..

He lets you decide on just about anything

then blamea you for everything.

He’s just looking for a caring Mommy.
Don’t date a man who says his married life is a mistake…

His loving wife is waiting for him at home

and kids who dearly love their Pops.

He probably just wants a quick escape.
Don’t date a man who doesn’t wash his car…

There’s left-over pizza on the floor

and empty beer cans in the back trunk.

He’s the lazy drunkard your Dad once warned you of.
Don’t date a man who brings you to McDonald’s or Jack’s…

Stingy or having not eough money

may sound reasonable to him.

But hey! Picture your future with Uncloe Scrooge.
Don’t date a man who takes you for granted–

Your needs, your wants become #83

in his priority list.

It gets frustrating in the long run.

Have some respect, girl!

If he screams at you,

turn your back and never come back.

For he becomes a monster

when he encages your pride underneath his black wings.



Do you ever have that feel

When joy takes over the ill

And all there is to do

Is take a pause and just let go?

A day in my life has come

When I saw my prince so handsome

And I just could not let go

Without a smile in the photo.

Shower of Whispers

​You speak in whisper-

Loud words in soft voice

As the winds sing in tune

With your face all aglow.
Chimes join the chorus

As tiny drops of rain

Gently hit your skin…

My skin glimmers with yours.
The joy you bring;

The love you share;

Is that magic all over again

Each time you come near me?

Living in L.A.

Need I say more? Sigh…

Adieu, 2016!

Twas both good and bad,

Fortunate yet depressing at times. 

You took my Dad away from me

But I have to be strong and move ahead.

Thanks for the memories, 2k16.

I’ll keep living this 2k17.

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