A father’s love for his kid

Becomes priceless

The moment life begins

And ends never.
A father’s heart feels all-

Your joys. Your fears.

He knows your secrets

Trying to give you hints.
A father’s touch will always be

Your comfort. Your peace.

He knows you love him

Even if words are unspoken.
A father’s choice to be your Dad

Will forever be engraved in your heart.

His smile. His smell. His frown.

His love for you is undying.
A father like mine,

Jolly and loving yet

Strong and reasonable,

Will always be a blessing.
He hates not a thing about you.

He dares not risk his fortune…

The fortune of having you as his child.

He calls his kid his treasure.
A father is an inspiration.

And that’s what matters most.

He is in your heart 

Day and night. Rain or shine



The skies are brighter today
With the rich rays from the sun
As soldiers march in unison
To pay honor to a man I call Dad.

My Dad.
My hero.
My strength.
You are loved by all.

Even in the sickest hour
You put a smle on your face
Without a word spoken,
You spelled out joy and peace.

Now that you are gone
They have this 21-gun salute
To honor and bid adieu
To the man I call my Dad.

Haiku: FLY

Fearless to face new journeys
Lifted to the clouds,
Yondering into twilight.


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