He Who Writes

Did you hear something?

Like shrieks from a girl who loves reading?

She admires your style of writing,

With every word you’ve written, she just keeps smiling.

Tell me… What are you thinking?

The Man I Pick

His eyes speak.

His lips seek.

His love is deep.

He’s a good man to keep.

The First of May

Just a few from now,

I bid Crazy April, “Ciao!”

To incoming May, I avow,

“Please? Be better somehow.”








Thanks for the gestures–

for reading what bloggers,

storytellers, and writers

post to release angers,

angst, tears and cheers.


When A Girl Falls

If she falls in love,

love her back without a doubt.

If she falls on the floor laughing,

laugh with her, She’s that loving.

If she falls apart,

catch her with all your heart.

Why I Write

I write when I fall in love

Words do come from up above.

I write when I fall laughing on the floor

Just because there’s so much more.

I write when I fall apart

When someone breaks my heart.

How I Write

One letter at a time. T… h… e…

I write in a mode that’s speedy

until there’s a familiar word I see,

and continue tapping keys in qwerty

until a sentence is a possibility.

But wait!

The sentences I have now created

out of the words I have just selected

from the letters I have last uncoded

are in no way really connected

to make any sense at all when read.

What I Write

I write about what fascinates my eyes-

something common yet mysterious.

I write about what tickles my ears-

Words, names, and stories that bring me to tears.

I write about what my heart desires-

love, anger and angst, and all life’s satires.

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