Do you ever have that feel

When joy takes over the ill

And all there is to do

Is take a pause and just let go?

A day in my life has come

When I saw my prince so handsome

And I just could not let go

Without a smile in the photo.


Living in L.A.

Need I say more? Sigh…


​How can we not stop and

see the beauty around us?

Golden Skies

pico de loro

pico de loro

A lovely peak of the sunrise gives this magical golden color to the skies.

Each golden sunrise my eyes set on has given me thoughts of all the goodness I have received. It makes me marvel about life itself and takes me to wander off my mind to all the delights I have set foot on. I am simply in awe, thankful for the graces and fortune that have crossed my path.

In all its stillness and beauty, the golden sunrise sets as the peaceful bridge to my day ahead.



san mateo BRIDGE3

Driving far for a thousand miles

Feeling like loving juveniles

I look at him as he smiles

Not minding our windblown hairstyles.

Now that the day nears its end

And we’ve reached the bridge’s bend,

He stops and speaks in silence

Our eyes meet, making sense.

All those posts with dim lights

I watch their glimmer in his eyes

As passion comes to arise

Hands now on my thighs.



He wrote,

Out of a billlion, I’d find you!
What I say about you is True.
Across the Oceans lies a Crystal Blue.
Once my lips touch yours, I’ll know exactly what to do.
Who Knows? My liking for you could reach the Millions.
Oops my bad! When it comes to you, I deal in Billions.”
She wrote,
“WHO KNOWS I’d be falling for a man afar?
Is this real or just bizarre?
He says I’m his bright star–
The one who’d erase the scar
from my past- my self-inflicted war.
WHO KNOWS I’d be wanting with passion?
From the moment of what we have now begun
To finding my one in a billion…
I’ve been drenched with thoughts of him.”



There she is in Downtown.

Staring, gazing, looking down.

Captured, trapped, frozen,

Expressive and so alone.

La Mujer en la pared.




I like being with you.

If I talked to anyone else about

the things I talk to you about,

they would think I was crazy.

But not you.

You just laugh

and make me feel less alone.

You get me

as much as I get you.

We get each other.

I hope you know how happy that makes me.


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