Thick clouds cover the fine skies

As rains start to fall gently on me.

I feel your love in every drop

Tickling my senses to delight,

Blending shimmer with a smile so bright.



You are so dear to me

And I can’t explain why

As there is not one word

To describe the glitter

You add to my soul.

One Year

‚ÄčIt’s been a year-

Do you hear me talking to you?

How I have accepted my fate

And surrendered my qualms?

It’s been a quiet year-
Not knowing where to reach you,

Just for a small chat–

To whisper one last time how much I love you.

It’s been a long lonely year-
But less tears breaking my heart

Lesser sleepless nights…

Just because I know you are free now.

It’s been a year now, Dad.
And I can still hear your soft voice,

And feel your gentle hand on my forehead.

Comforted with the thought that you are always watching over me.


Little does he know,

I think of him every minute too.
Little does he see,

I like him the way he looks at me.

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