Once she started working on herself, she did not ever look back. The pains he darted on her were too heavy to carry on the narrow path she chose to walk on.

It was clearly a happy, sunny Sunday morning. She bought a new red dress and a matching small red and black pouch. Excitement filled the rest of her day, anticipating a cheerful reunion with her college friends. As she was picturing herself wearing the red dress,

“I don’t think I can come with you tonight,” Alex said, interrupting her momentary daydreaming.

She looked at him in frustration and thought to herself, “Did I really marry him? What was I thinking?

She opted to keep quiet and just nodded her head in agreement. He walked to the kitchen sink and washed his greasy, motor oiled hands. Soon enough, black watery stains dripped the white marble kitchen counter, which enraged her. But she opted to keep quiet.

Her mind was angrily wandering, “Grrrr! That gross!”

As he wiped his hands clean on the kitchen towel hanging just below the sink, he planted a long kiss on her right cheek and whispered. “I will always love you, my queen.

She smiled back and started sobbing like a little girl who just lost her dearly beloved puppy.

I’m sorry, dear. Sorry for all the murmurings I’ve had on you in my mind. I didn’t intend to hurt you.

“My queen, you never did… you will never hurt me as long as I feel your love.”


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