​How can we not stop and

see the beauty around us?



Growling stomach

and aching back,

sores from the cold

facing the storm bold.

I may be from the hood

but my soul is good.

I just need some food;

Give me if you could.

On the go but at a loss-

This is not a cause

but my cross;

Spare me some clothes.

It’s getting hotter-

skin burnt, sorer.

At night, it’s colder;

I truly need shelter.

Yes, this is poverty.

No food yet still lucky

to be alive, hopefully

some day I will cope.

The Beginning of the Fall

“Keep falling and stay grounded…”

-Tree to its leaves

Silence In The Air

I hear happiness:

cheers and laughter-

amidst the stillness

of silence in the air.



Can I bring back the time

When seeing you smile

Makes my day so light

And my night brighter?


nothing’s clear now.

my body is above

viewing a tomb

with flowers abloom

on a morn of brume.

nothing’s clear now.

utmost reality,

in this new city

i walk, i come to see

it’s not friendly to me.

what lies ahead

with my heart so dead

not to smile

even for a dime,

not to talk

even when stalked,

because nothing’s clear now.


How can you not smile

In today’s abundance of vigor

Full of joy, life and love

Til tonight’s dark treasures spark?
How can you not smile back

To a lttle girl’s innocence

Whose smile is as precious 

As the sun rising on an early morn?
How can you not smile at all

When blessings abound from up above

Beyond your frown, upon His grace,

He still watches over you with loyal faith?

Can I Call You?

Do you feel my pains?

Do you see the tears?

The hurts never stop

Not a minute of the day.

I am miserable without you

Finding myself crying

In total darkness

Calling out your name.

I am lost without you

Walking with no strength

Stripped off any confidence

You once instilled in me.

I am tearful each time

Thoughts of you cross my mind

For there is a million and one

Of happy memories.

Can I call you?

Can you talk to me?

Will you listen

To my questions?

Do you want me to forget?

To move forward?

Do you want me to smile

Without murmurs inside?

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