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In this beauty I see, I look up high

Mesmerized by the colors of the sky

I call out your name hoping you’d reply.

Sundown here, midnight on your side.

Sadness inching in and I’m about to cry.

Yet you choose to talk and say, “Hi.”

Over the phone, we talk another hour

Under the beauty of the sky.




She stood by the window and saw tiny raindrops falling from the sky. Images from her recent past blasted right before her eyes, as the thundering roars continued to ramble through.

At the corner of the street, they stood still looking at each other. There was just too much tension between the two of them. He was teary eyed as she spoke softly,

“I don’t need a hundred admirers! I want you! I want you to love me as deep as I do you.”

But how could he dwell in a love that cannot be? In her selfish mind, he could just leave his wife and three young kids behind and start anew with her. But her frail heart dictated to her to let him go.


Have I been bad?
I may at times be sad.
I try to bring cheers
To wipe away tears.

Questions I ask
I dare you answer.
Now it’s your task
Not to blunder.

What did I do to be in pain?
Are my tears endless to drown me in shame?
You said nicies to calm my fears
Yet you also cause all these smears.



A long time ago

Getting read and liked

Excited this writer.

Spams and hacks

Altered her interests

Giving her pains

Over malicious comments.



I have to say goodbye

To my old blog, dare I say

It’s been lovely to stay

But I saw some grey

Hence I’ve changed my way.

Adieu, RaineFairy!

It’s been fun and cheery.

Now I ask you ever so humbly…

My new page is up and about

A link I can tweak but cannot shout.



Raging, crying and just feeling blue
Excruciating under the stormy rainy hue
Great expectations become an enemy
Remembering life less yesterday’s memory.

Everything else seems to turn into gloom
Tunnel of darkness once seemed to bloom
Sensing from the start it’s headed to doom
Ostracized even with your lousy writing plume.

Never again will I stoop down to asp moles
You’ve been the leader of roaming dark souls
Or are you part of those playful assholes
Undermining one’s emotions down to the coals?


LA lady midnight

In the midst of the silence of the night

Lone soul awakes and tries to fight

Overly procovative thoughts that fright.

Vagabonds and ghosts from the past

Ever haunting the mind that’s aghast.

Yet the heart that has been outcast

Over the years, has learned to bypass.

Ubiquitous love overpowering fears at last!




Saturday the rains have endlessly poured

In the metro, for six days it has stormed.

Neither the silver moon nor the yellow sun

Knows when it could bring back fun.

In dirty waters submerged are cars-

New and old submarines less the radars.

Gone are the riches of those superstars.


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