Raging, crying and just feeling blue
Excruciating under the stormy rainy hue
Great expectations become an enemy
Remembering life less yesterday’s memory.

Everything else seems to turn into gloom
Tunnel of darkness once seemed to bloom
Sensing from the start it’s headed to doom
Ostracized even with your lousy writing plume.

Never again will I stoop down to asp moles
You’ve been the leader of roaming dark souls
Or are you part of those playful assholes
Undermining one’s emotions down to the coals?

About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

3 responses to “THE DARKNESS IN YOU

  1. Aaww! This is sad. Sending you lots of hugs! Courage, my lovely lady! 🙂

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