The Journey

Acrylic on 36×24 canvas 09/26/20

Underwater Buddy

Summer Adventure

is more fun in the Philippines.

Whale Shark, CebuWhale Shark, Cebu

Whale sharks with their sharp fins,

dipping in crystal blue waters

side by side with such amazing creatures.

Whale Shark- Cebu


Tall Buildings and Taller Gods

A day is not enough to visit Malaysia.

What was I thinking? I’m now in nausea!


The antiquated atmosphere is just divine.

From tall buildings to gigantic gods,

the people, the culture, the religions,


and climbing the top-of-the-mountain Shrine,



But for now, I fly again

to yet another diversified island.



Asian Fusion

sg food

Food names I cannot pronounce,

Spices and herbs, a dollar an ounce.

Beer that caused me to flounce,


Good thing I’m about to announce:

Tomorrow, I have to bounce

To Kuala Lumpur for a day’s glance.

Sparkling Skies

sg fireworks

My last night in Singapore

is Friday, when it’s more!

On the hotel’s top floor

is a pool overlooking the harbor

with some fireworks galore.

The view is just spectacular!

But then there’s this Transformer,

Who’s wanting to whisper

Bye Bye to my ear.


Farewell, Singapore.

I’ll soon be returning to explore!


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