Hello 2018!

What better way to end

the first day of 2018

with this ball of fire in the sky

this side of SoCal.

-January 1st, Twenty Eighteen




When I look up at the skies,

There lies a big surprise-

The beauty I see up above

Is beyond any earthly love.


Marmalade skies

Pure beauty for the wise.

Marmalade skies

Like heaven after sunrise.


As I look up at the skies,

Serenity meets my eyes.

Tranquility and peace

I pray it doesn’t cease.


Marmalade skies–

Graceful colors romanticize

What the soul mystifies

What the heart defies.


Majestic Skies Over Marvelous Waters


Just like gold comes before the night,

Thick clouds open making it more bright,

Soft waves reflect the glare of the sunlight

And I realize everything is going to be alright.


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