He said,

“I Think My Life Has Just Begun.

It’s All Because I Found The One.

Like A Beautiful Sky That Touches The Sun.

She Gives Me The Feeling Of Such Great Warmth.

My Days With Her will Be Shared with Joy & Fun.

My Dear, I don’t have to Tell you because

You Already Know that You Are The One.”

She said,

“Yes, you are THE ONE…
One and Only Man whom my heart has won
Up until now, we’ve survived a lot of tension.
Aren’t we just blessed to have that attraction?
Responding to each other like any addiction
Even if we’re apart, there’s a lot of affection.
Together we’ve created this bond, a special union
Hereon onwards there won’t be any distortion
Evening or Morning, we go for our flirtation
Out in the open, there’ll be more sensation.
Now before I end this, let me declare my obsession-
Eternal to you is my love and devotion.”
~RaineFairy, The SHE

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