Acrylic on plywood.


Shadows #2

Dark thick clouds have started to choke the night sky. Stars have hidden and not one glitter shone. But the fullness of the moon refused to be blanketed. Its beam continued to give the earth’s darkness a little flash of glow. The dimly lit farm was silent and still with stridulating shrills of crickets from time to time.

The moonbeam reflected on the corn crops quite distinctly, like gold nuggets in an open treasure chest, Soon enough, slow movements begun. Quietly walking out of corn field was a tall shadow of a man.  For some reason, I felt at ease, some sort of comfort in seeing the slow, smooth movement of the shadow. But for practical reasons, my mind was in total contradiction. Should I run? What if? And before I could answer my own questions, the man behind the tall shadow was standing right in front of me.

Dan? Is that you, Dan?”

Shadows #1

I stopped my car just an inch from the pavement. I looked around, not wanting to let go of the steer. And there he was. A tinge of light from the lamppost cast a clear shadow of a man, strutting his way in the middle of Newbury Avenue. As if he knew I was watching from my car, the shadow paused and turned my way. I wanted to drive away but as he walked towards me, somehow I knew the night was going to be fine. Just a few steps more…

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