Epic Fail

when you chanced upon that one man,

keep him and hold tight his hand.

he might fly, he might be gone

and it’s a sorrow if he goes down.

but what more can you say or do

when he’s decided to go?

goodbye? farewell? adieu?

or just a sincere i love you

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tonight i rest my case

as the moon is all ablaze

a cue, a hint is just a craze

and no, i won’t give you a chase.

life is too short to even care at all

the forest, the trees standing tall.

a leap from the past i now recall

cry, jump and scream. just don’t fall.

for he can no longer take your call.

A Monster Named Math


splish splash you take a bath

before you face the dreaded math

cold water to lessen the wrath

1, 2, 3… you start counting the lath.

slay the monster named math

the school becomes your warpath

if you fail, they tag you sociopath

even calling you a psychopath!

i hate you, math!

you scream, shout aloud!

but then that is not allowed

detention you have been avowed

just because of a monster named math.


make it or break it,

even if you’re off beat.

level up or stay down,

least you can do is not drown.

either you smile or choose to frown.

whatever floats your boat,

i suggest don’t meeh like a goat,

lest you want to gloat.

life then would be a bloat!

in all that you do

may you not stop, just grow.

say a li’l prayer always before you go.

Like A Bug, I’m So Into You


Leaping crickets swirl by.
Tattering caterpillars creep on.
Slimy worms crawl under.
Silly bees buzz away.

Whatever they do.
Wherever they land.
Bugs are just
as clingy as
I am to you.

Go to work.
Eat your meals.
To bed to rest.
I am there with you.

Just like an insect,
I cling to you.
Can’t seem to take
my claws off you.

Just like a silly bee
who’s as happy as can be,
I don’t want to go far
As I am so into you.

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