Have I been bad?
I may at times be sad.
I try to bring cheers
To wipe away tears.

Questions I ask
I dare you answer.
Now it’s your task
Not to blunder.

What did I do to be in pain?
Are my tears endless to drown me in shame?
You said nicies to calm my fears
Yet you also cause all these smears.


Unforgiving Heart

My heart is full of tears

In vast darkness it so appears.

Left behind and forsaken

Promises undone and broken.


It is but with a heavy heart

That I struggle in this art

For I am only human, not smart,

Who judge not but love from the start.

Yes, I write silly rhymes and crappy poems,

But that one man never condemns.

He inspired me to write

With the pen as my might.

Now that he’s left and gone

Should I just stop, instead I run?

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