A Mother’s Eyes


Have you looked straight to her eyes?

She who doesn’t tell you any lies

But silently suffers when her kid cries.

She hides her pain and sorrow– she tries,

And speaks only of words so wise.

No alibis. No disguise. No good-byes.

She’s always up by sunrise,

Just smiling at you with those loving eyes.


Beautiful Mess

Jetlags and eyebags.

Unkempt hair and snags.

Scattered luggages and Balenciaga bags.

Countless work lags.

Long hours of drags.

Unheard of hashtags.

But I check myself in the mirror, I guess

all I see is one beautiful mess.



Never Less


When she loves, it’s boundless.

When she works, endless.

When she gives, selfless.

Her values, priceless.

Her wisdom, timeless.

Her radiance, ageless.

When she’s tired, she couldn’t care less.

She’s no queen. Nonetheless,

my Dearest Mommy at 79 is just the best!



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