LA Sprinkles


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I feel.. I hear… I see…

Droplets of cold water from the sky

On a cold breezy autumn morn

Tickling my short curly hair

As I drive by two rows of  wet palm trees.


Lost Angels, I call my city.

As people walk fast, hoodies put on,

Greeting each other, “Cold morning to you.”

I bow my head from the house to the car

My hands shaking opening the door…

Seldom does it rain this side of the city

But this morning is just full of His glory.

Cold Morning to you!








Morning Sun


Still in bed and the sun peeks through the drapes.

Reflections of a lovely sight of colors and shapes

Create a sudden urge to draw many escapes

From my life’s endless fumbles and scrapes.

Now that the morning sun shines high

I think of all the possible signs it may imply.

But only one thing for sure will comply

That it’s time to get up, swag and fly.

caramel macchiato

ah the alarm ends the sleep

bid adieu to counting sheep,

say hello to the morning sun

and listen to your heart having fun.

start the day with a greet and a smile

no coffee for me, i’ll just be fine

but then i drive and stop for a while

ah yes, one caramel macchiato…

now, that’s my style!


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