A Monster Named Math


splish splash you take a bath

before you face the dreaded math

cold water to lessen the wrath

1, 2, 3… you start counting the lath.

slay the monster named math

the school becomes your warpath

if you fail, they tag you sociopath

even calling you a psychopath!

i hate you, math!

you scream, shout aloud!

but then that is not allowed

detention you have been avowed

just because of a monster named math.

Poor Miss Caroline

look, there goes miss caroline.

listen to her long loud whine

as she holds tight a glass of cheap wine.

blabbering like an old fat swine

only to be slaughtered next in line.

next she does is sip, slip, and slide

as people around her stare in sublime.

she takes her shoe and puts on a smile

then exits the room asking for some dime.

oh what a shame, miss caroline.

what have you done with your time?

she speaks soft as if a pantomime,

“i have yet to love a man in springtime

and it’s sad longing for a man i can call mine.”

Like A Bug, I’m So Into You


Leaping crickets swirl by.
Tattering caterpillars creep on.
Slimy worms crawl under.
Silly bees buzz away.

Whatever they do.
Wherever they land.
Bugs are just
as clingy as
I am to you.

Go to work.
Eat your meals.
To bed to rest.
I am there with you.

Just like an insect,
I cling to you.
Can’t seem to take
my claws off you.

Just like a silly bee
who’s as happy as can be,
I don’t want to go far
As I am so into you.

Paint Me


If you were to paint me,

tickle me with pink for some blush,

undress me with a stroke of your brush.

I just want to be in your canvas.

If you were to paint me,

color my hair dark

and make my eyes spark.

I just want people to see your mark.

Paint me smiling.

Paint me crying.

Whatever pleases you,

I just want to be near you.


The discussion of food intake amongst my family and friends has become a battle itself. I would always say, “Why diet when are just plenty of goodies to eat?” Nonetheless, the day ends with a big crisis on hand… that I am getting bigger!

I have always fought to be fit, even if my beer intake is twice as much as I would have worked out doing crunches. After giving birth to and breast-feeding my only daughter for 2 years, the bulges started appearing, always unwanted. It takes a special form of discipline to fight these extra fats, specifically the abdominal portion. At first, I dismissed it, with the reason that I just gave birth. What I fool I was to formulate and actually live believing in that fallacy.

Time and again, I would resort to purging and forced vomitting. But the beer intake just has to be put to a minimal consumption. Trapped in a series of questions, I secretly made a comparative study and listed down the goodness and evil doings of what my favorite intakes do for me.

For the purpose of elaboration, I titled each column: FOR THE LOVE OF BEER and FOR THE DISMISSAL OF BEER.

Another comparative study I did were named: CHOCOHOLIC and CHOCOZERO. Chocolates have been a weakness, be it pure chocolate bars or cakes. Anything with pure cocoa is a welcome delight for me.

These comparative studies are now posted on my wall as a reminder of my battle against the bulge. In all fairness, they made me realize how I love myself and want to live longer to spend more time with my teen daughter. And so, I decided to actually eat and drink less of my joys.

It has been more than a year now that I have not taken in soda. Elimination round started with the useless drench in these bottled (and canned) drinks. Coke and Pepsi should actually pay me to drink their products again as I have experienced a lot of changes in my body and behavior.

I sleep earlier now. Emotional outbursts have somehow diminished. And my belly has obviously worn down a bit. Not that I am saying my body has totally leaned out but it has less bulges now. And that’s just for zero soda for a year and 2 months now.

As for the chocolate and cake consumption, I believe my score is a big fat zero! My sugar rush level, as what the new generation pegs, is an Epic Fail.

The alcohol intake is a different tale. I have not taken a bottle (or can) of beer since January of this year. My new darling has kept me company, and his name is Johnny Walker Black. No unwanted calories there. I have yet to see the effects of zero beer zone to this day. No withdrawals.

Now, let me tell you about rice. As a Filipino, various viands are prepared for each meal. Two to three different main dishes are served only to be taken with rice. Can you imagine eating Pro Sinigang without rice? Or a riceless menudo, afritada, daing na bangus? It is like eating egg without salt. But I have learned to take a much smaller serving of rice in every meal. And I say, yes, it helps! The starchy rice is a space expander inside me. All starchy food I have to outgrow and not even look at includes potatoes, french fries, yam and jams.

Pasta, although categorized under starchy, is whole different angle. I love making pasta dishes. And my family and friends all love my pasta yummies. Just like the sugar rush level, elimination, or minimized intake of pasta for this matter, is a sure bet for Epic Fail.

In my list to fight this battle is DAILY CRUNCHES, in bold, all caps fat font. Yes, I do 20 crunches the moment i get up in the morning. And another set of lesser count an hour before hitting the bed.

But wait! There’s more! Whenever I religiously do my crunches, I wear an abdominal binder to help shape me up… or should i say, down?

Now I am down to a hundred and 12 from last December’s 123 lbs. Success, at last! And I sure am maintaining this! Is it the end of my battle with the bulges?

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