Just How Many Do I Really Need?

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In this day and age, one cannot afford to settle for just one. Can you imagine just having one bag you use every given day (or night)? Or just a pair of shoes you use for work, play or just about anything?

While I was transferring my stuff from one small black purse to my big brown bag, I noticed that my red make-up kit was a bit bulky. I don’t normally open this kit. It has just become a habit to put it in my purse whenever I go out, together with my big black wallet and my reading glasses.

I checked on the red kit and was surprised to see more than a dozen lipsticks in it! Just how many lipsticks do I really need? Or even use?

There are 8 brands, from the cheapest to the most expensive. 8 different red tones and 3 orange shades. Pink, peach, brown and gold complete the line-up.

Lip gloss and sheeners are also tucked in this red kit. The array ranges from the sweetest pink to the boldest red. And some are flavored too. For tasteful kissing, I suppose.

I guess lipsticks just grow with the female.

A girl needs 2 shades of sweet pink and some gloss, even Chapstick.

A lady discovers the strength of brighter shades of pink and light red. She learns to use what shade suits her personality.

A woman wears bloody red or dark brown shades of lipstick. She wears her shade to complete her ensemble.

But me? I choose the boldest of all reds. At any given time, I am in my red lipstick.

So what do I do now with these other tones? I keep them all… neatly in my red kit. I have grown so attached to them as these are gifts from friends and family.

Although I really need just one… the red.

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