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I feel.. I hear… I see…

Droplets of cold water from the sky

On a cold breezy autumn morn

Tickling my short curly hair

As I drive by two rows of  wet palm trees.


Lost Angels, I call my city.

As people walk fast, hoodies put on,

Greeting each other, “Cold morning to you.”

I bow my head from the house to the car

My hands shaking opening the door…

Seldom does it rain this side of the city

But this morning is just full of His glory.

Cold Morning to you!









Freezing Fall

​Another cold morn

With the sun behind thick clouds,

Green grass left wet

And windows blindly fogged.
The day gets better

With the sky clearing up

As jackets left unbuttoned

And sleeves rolled up.
The night gets colder-

Brain freezing cold!

Once more, my hands get numb

As my lazy feet rest.
Frozen tears,

Ice-cold heart–

Autumn breeze

Keeps me at no ease.

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The Beginning of the Fall

“Keep falling and stay grounded…”

-Tree to its leaves

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