Skid Row


How can I ignore (when)

Out in the streets,

Many remain without a home?

Each tent

Lives a man

Encaved in hope (that)

Someday he’ll make it and






Terms of Endearment



Hello, Baby Doll!”

Out in the open they greet

Moans in between their yellow teeth.

Each time I walk to work,

Lady love,” they yell and smirk.

Endearing but I got no time to play.

Sweetheart,” they say.

So goes my day.




Sundown in Downtown


My brother is in town!

From Seattle, boarded a plane to  Downtown.

From LAX, witnessed the beauty of sundown.

From my house, partied with friends white and brown.

From partying, drank more beer in a bar to drown

from sorrows of missing us, his family. His crown.

From sorrow, laughed out loud just like a clown.

My brother is just as glad to be back in his hometown.

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