The abrupt popularity of social networking sites has kept almost everyone so preoccupied these days. Any photo shot would be posted. Any common feeling held for a minute or so would be posted for the whole world to see. Did I read his post right that he just farted inside a fine dine restaurant there?

I have been a slave of my own blogs. Yes, I am addicted to FaceBook, Instagram and even Tumblr. A daily dosage of posts has been included in my late morning ritual.  And believe me when I say that I have made a couple of adversaries while maintaining my accounts. I have had a handful of blocked FB friends and IG followers just because I do not see any purpose in sharing any moment of my life with any of them. These feckless individuals whom I choose to totally delete from my life are now soring from what I have decided to do. And they choose to stalk me on my blogs.

I see this act of stalking as a violation of my privacy. Privacy, I should say, is not part of the worldwide web. Whatever the clauses speak of in each website I have been to is just but a formality to create a site. I don’t even think anyone reads and takes these Privacy clauses seriously. At any rate, I still give my respect to the writers who took time and effort to write them. My point is, these Privacy clauses should as well include laws on stalking and violation of a blogger’s privacy.

Yes, I have been a victim of web stalking, not just once by one person, but several times by various stalkers. And I brag about this now– my stalkers are of different genders, from 16 to 60 years of age! I think not much of them at first. But at the end of the day, the stalking tends to wear me down as I do a little stalking myself on my own pathetic stalkers.

To start off, these stalking individuals have nothing much to do on their daily ongoings. Stalking takes a lot of non-sensible work, unprecious time and lazy browsing hours. They create new accounts to sneak on you, and feel victorious that they get some news about you. Complacency overshadows the feeling of guilt as they pursue this new found joy in stalking.

The stalker, one who does the stalking, takes much pleasure in sneaking around knowing there is no chance that they would ever get caught doing so. The stalker basks in delight with the various posts of his stalkee– the victim of the stalker, otherwise known as the prey (the victim). Feckless to say, the stalkee’s posts are either the item of soon-to-be rumors to be circulated in the net… or would be the center of a word-bashing session among his peer group.

I have received countless hate emails and blog messages with more cuss words than what the devil has to say. I have been called a bitch, a slut, a home wrecker, a tease, a user/gold-digging slut and other misspelled cuss words not even found in the old reliable dictionary. A lawyer advised me to take a legal suit against the stalkers, citing cyber bullying. I am not considering that, not even a tinge of what it has to offer. My main thought is just how do you stop a stalker from victimizing his prey?   

The daily dosage of these hate online messages I get have become a constant reminder– that, as a person, I cannot please everyone. And that, as a struggling blogger, I cannot expect everyone to like what I do. What is gained here is to ignore and just move forward, of which I am almost halfway towards that direction.

It might as well be I stop the blogging or go incognito. But what is the use of going undercover? I cannot imagine posting some photos of my family under another name other than what has been given to me by my loving parents. I have yet to meet someone who could offer me the ultimate solution for this crisis, as I have resolved it with a grain of salt. Ignore and just move forward.

I have seen most of my posts reblogged by people I know as well as by those I never knew existed before, not mentioning my name. Most of the time, I just smile and proceed to the next post on my newsfeed. I get flattered that people do repost my photos. I do get joy in seeing my works scattered in the net. But I could have had wealth had these people even bother to mention my name. The stalkers might think they could get away with it. I might be thinking the same thought. too. But I would not cast the first stone on anyone. It will come from the higher divinity, and that I believe in

The cyber stalking must stop at one point. When threats like, “I will find you… and kill you,” is the subject of an email coming from someone you used to know, should I start fearing for my life?

I guess the net is not as safe as it originally was incepted. The published photos and the text blogs are bound to get copied and posted by other condescending bloggers. For the stalkers, I only feel pity for you. For you have the time to stalk and brag about it. And you base your pride on that.

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