BUBBLY BATH. Acrylic on 16×24 wood panel. 022621


The Other Labor Day

Labor Day falls on the first day of May.

A long weekend as it falls on Friday.

Do we celebrate a woman giving birth in any way?

Let’s just make every first day of the month Labor Day,

To honor and celebrate women on the way.


hisses of thunder
followed a long flash of thin light
crossing the heavily clouded skies.
tonight is the oddest among the rest.

as she lays beside her naked beau,
his eyes have deeply captured hers.
his silent burning lips expressed desire
each kiss sealed with longing and lust.

in the dimly lit cold room they share,
cuddles in the dark abloom.
moans replace laughter and words.
yearning wipes away the sadness
that dwelled inside her.

hearts apounding,
hands between legs course through
as breasts are stroked gently
with his mouth pressed so gently on hers
biting her lips as she surrenders in his loving embrace.

he gently grinds and pushes his way in
as shouts in euphoria came out of her.
the ticking of the clock stops
and roads get vacuum of cars,
the only sound one hears is that
of great ecstasy and a woman full of lust aglee.

amidst darkness, a new dawn arises
deprived of lonesome and tears.
still drenched in sweat and smiles,
a mouthful of love abounds.

the new morn opens new horizons
as the frail fried eggs await devouring.
the new morn breaks
as laughter fills the room
yet tears still appear as each bid adieu.

for yet another night awaits the love couple
to cuddle and to kiss once more.
for yet another day takes place
and have them both desiring.


her face

Somehow her eyes speak.

Her seductive silence is quite unique

Echoing unspoken words you seek.



“I’ll call you back shortly,” he said.

She smiled and ended the call. She would later check her phone from time to time. An hour… Two hours…. Three hours. After four hours of waiting, her patience wore off as she heard herself cussing and sobbing at the same time.

As she closed her eyes and was about to fall into a deep slumber, her phone rang. She stared at the image of the man on her phone. He who promised him everything. from the sun up to sun down.

The decision to turn off her phone was done. She finally had a good eight-hour sleep.And the morning after just went smoothly.

call back



Have I been bad?
I may at times be sad.
I try to bring cheers
To wipe away tears.

Questions I ask
I dare you answer.
Now it’s your task
Not to blunder.

What did I do to be in pain?
Are my tears endless to drown me in shame?
You said nicies to calm my fears
Yet you also cause all these smears.



A long time ago

Getting read and liked

Excited this writer.

Spams and hacks

Altered her interests

Giving her pains

Over malicious comments.



LA lady midnight

In the midst of the silence of the night

Lone soul awakes and tries to fight

Overly procovative thoughts that fright.

Vagabonds and ghosts from the past

Ever haunting the mind that’s aghast.

Yet the heart that has been outcast

Over the years, has learned to bypass.

Ubiquitous love overpowering fears at last!


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