LA lady midnight

In the midst of the silence of the night

Lone soul awakes and tries to fight

Overly procovative thoughts that fright.

Vagabonds and ghosts from the past

Ever haunting the mind that’s aghast.

Yet the heart that has been outcast

Over the years, has learned to bypass.

Ubiquitous love overpowering fears at last!



2015-06-02_0129That you have that fear

of perfection not even near,

and you’re just not good enough, dear–

It’ll haunt you throughout the year.


One Last Lonely Girl


See that girl in the small black dress?

She’s seated alone drenched in stress,

without a date, she drinks in excess

only to find herself in so much mess.


A Girl Who Writes and Paints

canvas and brushes,IMG_20150504_031216

strokes and dashes.

from a girl who writes

comes this self-portrait’s

full of heartaches.




Clear and vacuum.

That’s how it is. Gloom!

Seated, sobbing. Over whom?

Him who makes my days bloom?

Seeing my new clean canvas,

I made a big fuss. Thus

I spent the whole day anxious

Thinking much about us.


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