Do you ever have that feel

When joy takes over the ill

And all there is to do

Is take a pause and just let go?

A day in my life has come

When I saw my prince so handsome

And I just could not let go

Without a smile in the photo.

Shower of Whispers

​You speak in whisper-

Loud words in soft voice

As the winds sing in tune

With your face all aglow.
Chimes join the chorus

As tiny drops of rain

Gently hit your skin…

My skin glimmers with yours.
The joy you bring;

The love you share;

Is that magic all over again

Each time you come near me?

Living in L.A.

Need I say more? Sigh…

Adieu, 2016!

Twas both good and bad,

Fortunate yet depressing at times. 

You took my Dad away from me

But I have to be strong and move ahead.

Thanks for the memories, 2k16.

I’ll keep living this 2k17.


Pack away your sorrows

And leave them with 2016.

Slam that old door  

To unlock a new one

But please, do away with

New Year’s Resolutions

as we forget once February sets in.

So to all, have a Merry New Year

and welcome 2017 with a great big hug.


The silence is simply deafening 

yet so cleansing. 

The rays peeping through the thick curtains 

in my room are enough to awaken my senses. 

I am now overflowing with happiness and gratitude 

for all His blessings and grace. 
Wake up, sunshine! 

Tis the day to celebrate His birth. 

And celebrate life.
Tis the start of a second chance. 


Ravishing, truly raging–
Etched in heart aching,

Drenched in salty tears falling.


No other options left.

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