All Good

I sit in silence

Smiling in pretense

Like all’s good and neat

Yet my socks slip off my feet!



Be the sunshine 
When it rains.

Be the sparkle

When it’s dark.

Wear a smile

Over a frown…

Swim a mile–

But don’t drown!


Thick clouds cover the fine skies

As rains start to fall gently on me.

I feel your love in every drop

Tickling my senses to delight,

Blending shimmer with a smile so bright.


You are so dear to me

And I can’t explain why

As there is not one word

To describe the glitter

You add to my soul.

One Year

‚ÄčIt’s been a year-

Do you hear me talking to you?

How I have accepted my fate

And surrendered my qualms?

It’s been a quiet year-
Not knowing where to reach you,

Just for a small chat–

To whisper one last time how much I love you.

It’s been a long lonely year-
But less tears breaking my heart

Lesser sleepless nights…

Just because I know you are free now.

It’s been a year now, Dad.
And I can still hear your soft voice,

And feel your gentle hand on my forehead.

Comforted with the thought that you are always watching over me.


Little does he know,

I think of him every minute too.
Little does he see,

I like him the way he looks at me.


How hot can summer be?
Even plastic bins are hit, see?

A little breeze we all need

To cool off this LA summer heat.


‚ÄčIn my heart,

every day is

Mother’s Day,

Thanking Him

for giving me

a Mother Perfect.
24/7 awake

Listening to my qualms.

1958 wedded

Today still beloved.
Priceless hands.

Supportive arms.

The kindest lips.

Fifty ears.

Unblurred sight.

Sensitive sniffs.

Untiring feet.

Gigantic heart.

Infinite sweat.
Your magic touch

Made me who I am.

Your kindest heart

Is beyond earthly love.

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