She was beginning to worry about her weight. Her trousers were getting uncomfortably tight around her waist. Although her boyfriend didn’t see any change by as much as an ounce, she insisted she was getting larger. She was actually eating more than anyone else in the house. Yet in his eyes, she remained gloriously slender, even more desirable than before.

Being larger equalled to being cuddly, she tried calming herself down. But this was not enough to save her from the gloomy presentiment she was actually suffering. Soon enough, she was seen eating a whole carrot for lunch with a bottle of Evian.

Just two weeks after, she looked much leaner with a pale, dry-looking skin. She was smiling more often, teeming with self-confidence. While watching a movie with her boyfirend, she suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the ER. The doctors were not able to save her frail body. She laid on the metal bed lifeless, all skin and bones.


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