“I’ll call you back shortly,” he said.

She smiled and ended the call. She would later check her phone from time to time. An hour… Two hours…. Three hours. After four hours of waiting, her patience wore off as she heard herself cussing and sobbing at the same time.

As she closed her eyes and was about to fall into a deep slumber, her phone rang. She stared at the image of the man on her phone. He who promised him everything. from the sun up to sun down.

The decision to turn off her phone was done. She finally had a good eight-hour sleep.And the morning after just went smoothly.

call back



She stood by the window and saw tiny raindrops falling from the sky. Images from her recent past blasted right before her eyes, as the thundering roars continued to ramble through.

At the corner of the street, they stood still looking at each other. There was just too much tension between the two of them. He was teary eyed as she spoke softly,

“I don’t need a hundred admirers! I want you! I want you to love me as deep as I do you.”

But how could he dwell in a love that cannot be? In her selfish mind, he could just leave his wife and three young kids behind and start anew with her. But her frail heart dictated to her to let him go.


In a well-lit corner of the cafe, she sat and started writing. She would turn the pages of her notebook every so often, as if she was writing a long letter. Her coffee was getting cold.

It seems quite odd that I am actually writing you. I hope you are happy reading this as I am with glee writing you. I have so much to say to you.

Your eyes I may not have looked into but have fallen for. Are they green, blue, brown? Or are they hazel? Tell me, I truly want to know. 

Your lips I have yet to kiss but have felt its tender touch on mine. Are they as sweet as the words you have whispered unto me? Whisper to me again what it is you feel for me.

Your hands I have so longed to touch. Are they attached to strong arms big enough to encage me in one embrace? And when you do, please don’t ever let me go.

She paused and carefully placed her pen on the table. Her heart began beating fast and loud she could hear a certain melody to it. A certain dizziness and a sip from her cold coffee allowed her to turn around.

And there he was. Standing by the door of the cafe was the beautiful man she was writing the letter for. She wanted to stand, walk towards him, and give him a kiss… but instead remained seated. There was a moment he looked at her, she swore. Teary eyed and hurt, she faced her pen and notebook once more, and continued writing.

If you only knew I exist…



She was beginning to worry about her weight. Her trousers were getting uncomfortably tight around her waist. Although her boyfriend didn’t see any change by as much as an ounce, she insisted she was getting larger. She was actually eating more than anyone else in the house. Yet in his eyes, she remained gloriously slender, even more desirable than before.

Being larger equalled to being cuddly, she tried calming herself down. But this was not enough to save her from the gloomy presentiment she was actually suffering. Soon enough, she was seen eating a whole carrot for lunch with a bottle of Evian.

Just two weeks after, she looked much leaner with a pale, dry-looking skin. She was smiling more often, teeming with self-confidence. While watching a movie with her boyfirend, she suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the ER. The doctors were not able to save her frail body. She laid on the metal bed lifeless, all skin and bones.


Reality, Part 3

On a breezy Sunday morning, as Juliana was almost done fixing breakfast, Stephen, coming from behind, surprised her with a small gift box. He gently planted a big kiss on her right cheek and she felt his smoothly shaven face against her skin.

It was after all their Third Year Wedding Anniversary. She had no wrapped gift to give him, and Stephen expected nothing from her. He knew she had written him a new poem. Heading the Computers Section at The New York Public Library, he had read several stories and poems by great writers. But he proudly admitted that his wife could very well be the unrecognized greatest writer of all time. Each poem she wrote about him was saved on his iPhone.

Before leaving for work, Stephen excitedly reminded her of their date on Tuesday night. They were to see each other on that same spot where they first met- to relive that rainy night in New York.

It was four years ago. She was standing on the corner of 52nd and the 5th on a cold rainy Friday evening, waiting for a cab. She was late for dinner at her mother’s house in Princeton, and there was no way she could get a cab from here. As she turned around, she accidentally bumped the man behind her. When she raised her head to apologize for her clumsiness, she was stunned to see the most beautiful man she has ever seen. It left her speechless.

A few minutes later, she was walking side by side with this man she hardly knew. He gave her his phone so she could call her mother. When she was done talking, she dropped the phone on the wet pavement. Embarrassed, she reached for her wallet to pay him but the man held her hand, still smiling. He knew at that moment he had to take care of her. She was weak, clumsy, and ever frightened. Their eyes spoke of unspeakable words.

After three years of being harmoniously married, they planned to have kids the following year. And this morning, they talked about their future family. Two kids and a small home in Princeton. they also talked about their date on Tuesday night in New York. It really seemed like the best laid out plan for both of them.

She would later learn to differentiate fact from fantasy. When reality has become a tragedy.

Reality, Part 2

It turned out to be a quiet day for Juliana. Though the sky seemed much wider, without a tinge of cloud in sight, she felt as if her head was wet with raindrops.

She was standing on a corner nearing The New York Public Library, the 42nd and the Fifth. What was that again that drove her to this side of the city? She was so sure she was meeting with somebody important to her. But her mind was blank as the skies.

Soon enough, a cab stopped in front of her. The driver was talking to her in a language she could not understand. After nodding her head, the driver shouted at her and drove away.

She found herself crying, still standing alone on that corner. She taught of Stephen, she has already lost him. He was gone and she finally realized he was right all along—she was weak and frightful. She looked up and the moon just won’t shine.

She would later learn to differentiate fact from fantasy. When reality has become a tragedy.


The days passed and there was no sign of Stephen. To get through the loneliness engulfing her, she has to fight the unbearable fear that has always lurked at the back of her mind. It took her a long while to admit that she could no longer feel his presence. There were times she would lie awake until dawn, just listening desperately to the silence and trying to remember his face. She closed her eyes trying even harder to listen to his hearty, high-pitched laughter, and see his blushing cheeks whenever she told him how beautiful he was.

In darkness, she thought she heard Stephen’s voice, but it turned out to be her subconscious replaying old recordings out of some perverse kind of nostalgia.

She would later learn to differentiate fact from fantasy. When reality has become a tragedy.



The morning after, he just laid in bed, trying to recall last night’s scene in his head. Did he really hold her the whole evening? Did he truly feel her body against his when they kissed? Was she really beside him the whole night?

He tried to pinch his left arm to test if  it was all a dream. Ouch! There was this tingling sensation he felt inside. Sort of an electrifying, strong jolting sensation.

He then sat at the edge of the bed, drowning his face on his open palms. He felt the heat his hands emitted. He looked at his hands and smiled. Yes, these hands touched her soft melancholy face.

Even in darkness, he could she her smiling. But her eyes, looking straight to his, were speaking of some sadness from her past. He could feel her sadness. In all stillness in the room, with the sunlight peeping through the drapes, he suddenly felt some movement from one corner of his bedroom. He glanced back, and there she was. In broad daylight, she was walking towards him, smiling.

This time, all that sadness in her eyes were no longer felt.


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