Majestic Skies Over Marvelous Waters


Just like gold comes before the night,

Thick clouds open making it more bright,

Soft waves reflect the glare of the sunlight

And I realize everything is going to be alright.


Testing The Waters

Balancing on the board

As big Pacific waves roared,


I stood tall and soared

when I surfed and  scored!


Great job, me!

Baler, Aurora Philipines.


Orange You The Sun?


And there it stood in its majestic state-

It’s risen but now down looking so great.

It has to rest somehow and be up before eight,

The Sun, reflected on both sea and sky, is never late.


Walk on Water

walk on water

As the sun strikes its brightest,

its beam reflected on waters rest.

I float, I walk on water still

And add to view some thrill, some frill.


Weekend Chill


An island nearing the heavens

Away from traffic and tense.

Just chilling by the shore,

relaxed and wanting to explore.



Balesin Island, Philippines.

23-24 May 2015

Heaven on Earth

Balesin Island, Philippines. 23 May 2015.


Sun. Sky. Sea. Sand.

What are you waiting for?

It’s heaven on earth, on land.

Should you ask for more?


A paradise, an inspirational haven.

Where the clouds touches the ocean

becoming one blue tone, not zen.

Is it safe to say I just found heaven?



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