Snail Mail

Walking down the clean alley,

I saw this snail, slow and smelly!

Yuck! What a sight so silly!

But I can’t seem to catch up with Shelly.

Am I too slow? Or am I just simply tipsy?



Poor Miss Caroline

look, there goes miss caroline.

listen to her long loud whine

as she holds tight a glass of cheap wine.

blabbering like an old fat swine

only to be slaughtered next in line.

next she does is sip, slip, and slide

as people around her stare in sublime.

she takes her shoe and puts on a smile

then exits the room asking for some dime.

oh what a shame, miss caroline.

what have you done with your time?

she speaks soft as if a pantomime,

“i have yet to love a man in springtime

and it’s sad longing for a man i can call mine.”


make it or break it,

even if you’re off beat.

level up or stay down,

least you can do is not drown.

either you smile or choose to frown.

whatever floats your boat,

i suggest don’t meeh like a goat,

lest you want to gloat.

life then would be a bloat!

in all that you do

may you not stop, just grow.

say a li’l prayer always before you go.

Paint Me


If you were to paint me,

tickle me with pink for some blush,

undress me with a stroke of your brush.

I just want to be in your canvas.

If you were to paint me,

color my hair dark

and make my eyes spark.

I just want people to see your mark.

Paint me smiling.

Paint me crying.

Whatever pleases you,

I just want to be near you.

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