Free Style Writing Challenge #1

Free Style Writing Challenge:

What would you rather be, a vampire or a werewolf? And Why?

I have not forgotten about the curse you have cast upon me.

This prelude will probably take longer to write than the actual challenge. (LOL)

On the 28th of May, my dear OMPONG included my name on yet another Challenge. Legit or not, I now accept and will actually write about vampires (!) and wolves (!!!). I have read Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel several pounds ago and one of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight (the first of four) am not into these (in)famous fictional (Oops!) characters.If my memory serves me right, the only vampire film I have seen is Ann Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. As for werewolf flicks, I saw Jim Harrison’s Wolf. 

So here goes my 5-minute take on OMPONG‘s challenge.My clock starts now.


(Does this long line of asterisks count? LOL)

As a vampire, I get to sleep during the day as much as I want to. That will give me ample time to clear my mind to write more once dusk falls. Sweet! Once I get up from my queen-sized coffin bed, I will just stay home and let my peer vampires go out and hunt for their virginal victims. Leave them be!

Meanwhile, I will be enjoying the serene scene of the full moon by my heavily draped window as I start writing about these vicious fanged creatures our older generations called Dracula. Then I will get to blog, with a lovely photo of the moon partially covered by thin clouds to add a dramatic sense to it. At the crack of dawn, I will hear the rooster starting to rap its cock-a-doodle-doo, I will put the thick drapes back to cover the window and not wait for them blood-stained mouthed vampires! Hell no! I will just hit the sack and go to dreamland for about three weeks again. Just how cool is that?

Being a werewolf, my sense of smell and hearing will be tremendously sharp. Hmmm… That sweet scent of chocolate cake the neighbor is baking! I can just scare them away and ransack the kitchen! Grrrrr!

Oh wait! I hear those darn desperate housewives talking, too. Well, they are all mumbling at the same time. Good thing I got bionic ears to hear the fresh scoop. Grapevine has it that Mrs. Robinson is dating this college student? Far out! This is way too cool!

So weighing the pros- never the cons, I would say I prefer being the girl who writes. The one who continues to scorn books and movies about vampires and werewolves not for any other reason but I am just into these fictional creatures. I refuse to eat raw flesh or drink blood for dinner. No freaking way!

Word Count—> 312


(I’m counting the asterisks! Joke! LOL )

There you go, OMPONG. I did it… in 6minutes! Thanks. I actually enjoyed that!

I won’t list down names of bloggers as yet. I have another Challenge of this sort that I still need to do.




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5 responses to “Free Style Writing Challenge #1

  1. This is a great response to my challenge, Raine my fairy… ! If you will ask me, I want to be a vampire, but one who can walk on daylight, a day walker like Blade! Why? So I can use my vampire charms to have girls love me. Hehehe!

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