He wrote,

Out of a billlion, I’d find you!
What I say about you is True.
Across the Oceans lies a Crystal Blue.
Once my lips touch yours, I’ll know exactly what to do.
Who Knows? My liking for you could reach the Millions.
Oops my bad! When it comes to you, I deal in Billions.”
She wrote,
“WHO KNOWS I’d be falling for a man afar?
Is this real or just bizarre?
He says I’m his bright star–
The one who’d erase the scar
from my past- my self-inflicted war.
WHO KNOWS I’d be wanting with passion?
From the moment of what we have now begun
To finding my one in a billion…
I’ve been drenched with thoughts of him.”

About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

7 responses to “HE WROTE. SHE WROTE.

  1. I see something Very Special Between these 2

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  2. You are my brightest star…!
    See, you are his bright star only… hehehe! 🙂

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