She was beginning to worry about her weight. Her trousers were getting uncomfortably tight around her waist. Although her boyfriend didn’t see any change by as much as an ounce, she insisted she was getting larger. She was actually eating more than anyone else in the house. Yet in his eyes, she remained gloriously slender, even more desirable than before.

Being larger equalled to being cuddly, she tried calming herself down. But this was not enough to save her from the gloomy presentiment she was actually suffering. Soon enough, she was seen eating a whole carrot for lunch with a bottle of Evian.

Just two weeks after, she looked much leaner with a pale, dry-looking skin. She was smiling more often, teeming with self-confidence. While watching a movie with her boyfirend, she suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the ER. The doctors were not able to save her frail body. She laid on the metal bed lifeless, all skin and bones.


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13 responses to “SKIN AND BONES

  1. loricarlson66

    Such a tragic tale, RaineFairy, but beautifully written. It’s a shame the self-images we suffer from.

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  2. Nicely written. The tragic ending…

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  3. There is a great message in this. Well done! One of our daughters suffered from Anorexia, but we got her help and she responded to it, and she is now doing much better. That be said, it requires constant attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear about what your daughter had suffered from. Thank God she is better now. Yes, I feel strongly about the young girls who are suffering from this social stigma.


      • Its a real problem to be sure. We all try to take the high ground in life, finding humor to help us deal with problems we encounter. But, that can be a real challenge for families faced with this one. It was nice you took the time, Rainefairy, to touch on this serious problem. If anyone even suspects someone you love having it, don’t hesitate to get them help, believe me when I tell you… they’re in denial. Quick intervention and family support is ESSENTIAL, but success is possible when you do not ignore any suspicion you might have. ;o)

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  4. Excellent story. I had to have several attempts to load this, because it was ‘page not found’ from the e-mail alert. I trust all is well now.

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  5. Interesting ending …

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  6. What sad ending… I think there is a disorder where women have this obsession to be thin and would eat less and less. I believe Princess Diana had this kind of disorder….

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