Reality, Part 2

It turned out to be a quiet day for Juliana. Though the sky seemed much wider, without a tinge of cloud in sight, she felt as if her head was wet with raindrops.

She was standing on a corner nearing The New York Public Library, the 42nd and the Fifth. What was that again that drove her to this side of the city? She was so sure she was meeting with somebody important to her. But her mind was blank as the skies.

Soon enough, a cab stopped in front of her. The driver was talking to her in a language she could not understand. After nodding her head, the driver shouted at her and drove away.

She found herself crying, still standing alone on that corner. She taught of Stephen, she has already lost him. He was gone and she finally realized he was right all along—she was weak and frightful. She looked up and the moon just won’t shine.

She would later learn to differentiate fact from fantasy. When reality has become a tragedy.


About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

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