She looked at him, his eyes covered with a strange mix of dullness and dispassion. Why can’t he hear her? She faced him again, looked at his dull eyes, and as tears rolled profusely down her sun-baked face, she shouted,

“Why can’t you hear me? You were the only reason why I have survived every day in that jungle for months! And now that I’m here… here beside you… holding you… YOU CAN’T HEAR ME? You bastard! look at me and hear me!!!”

Frustrated, she said nothing for a long time. There was nothing else to do. She tried talking to him but each time, she could feel the door slammed shut so he did not have to listen. But she was strong and determined. Once again, she held him.

“Listen to me! I am back… I am home… for you. Are you  not happy? I’m back as I promised.”

He sat on the garden chair still, pale and numb. Not a twitch of his muscles moved.

She was not one who gave up easily. Her patience was running thin but something happened. She felt a sudden breeze. The heavy scent and the slow buzz of the bees somehow seduced her just like opium. Opium freed her from fear and fury, clearing her worked out brain and finally, she unfurled.

“I love you. Do you understand? I love you. Please listen. I loved you the day I left for my Mission. I loved you every single day I was there in the jungles. And I love you now that I’m back. I love you even if you cannot hear me.”

She felt his arm moved very slowly. She saw his head turning to her very slowly. She saw his mouth opened and heard him say,

“Then why did you leave me?”



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Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

One response to “Opium

  1. WannaBe Artist

    This explains why my entire farm is completely filled with tulips..your words inspire


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