Cloudy You Say?


Hey Mistah Weatherman!

Just how cloudy can cloudy be?

I’m soaring. I’m flying.

Amidst thick clouds, I’m drowning.

Sixteen long hours of traveling

with all seatbelts just hanging,

I’m left cloud watching and naming.

Oh I see Stratocumulus!

And that’s Cumulonibus!

Cirrus and Nimbotratus!

Hey! What’s the fuss?

I’m just as bored seated in this flying bus!


About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

12 responses to “Cloudy You Say?

  1. Francis Farmer

    Wow, on your way! What a great experience this will be!

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  2. Yes, Barrio Chick! Isn’t that exciting? Leaving my farm for greener pastures? LOL Don’t forget to water all those thousands of colorful flowers, okay? Just be ever so careful with those hardworking bees buzzing! 🙂


  3. Jim

    I love flying just above the clouds. they look like pillows that you could lay down and go to sleep on.

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