Just These Three

A little girl looked up and saw

hundreds of glittering stars

framing a shiny silver moon.

She hopped with glee and went home.

A young lady looked upward too and saw

a big star and two small ones

under a plain white moon.

She was angry and went straight to the bar.

An old woman looked up the night sky and saw

neither the moon nor the stars.

Only dark clouds where they should have been.

She was so sad and quietly sat on a corner of the nursing home.



About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

4 responses to “Just These Three

  1. A lovely, and poignant piece of poetry, Rainefairy. Shades of youth and beauty, age and sorrow. Terrific work.

    Liked by 2 people

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