My Adam Levine, Revisited

2015-04-28_21.58.07 On the 8th of April,

I wrote. I blogged.

It’s final… Adam Levine is out.

But then I got another email,

not an Adam Levine tale.

It’s from a man who reads rainefairy

and I think he is falling for me.

a man who reads emails a girl who writes:

In Response to Your Adam Levine…

Can she really love a man from afar

but in reality the two are really not that far.

On a lonely dark night,

You witness the first star that touches the sky.

On a daily basis, I see a smile…

Until the moment we intertwine.

You happen to pay a visit on my farm,

leaving a Trail… Buzzing off like a Queenie Bee.

Now look what you have done to me?

The Sheep can’t even describe that wonderful joy you bring to me,

leaving them all very puzzled.

They whisper among themselves ever so quietly.

So is it possible to love a man from afar? Absolutely!

The answer is yes, a hundred times…


About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

One response to “My Adam Levine, Revisited


    …and I think he is falling for me 🙂


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