Baler, Aurora, Philippines.

The Pacific Bay is showing its rage early this afternoon. Its raving waves splash the coastline with loud, thick whooping sounds, wanting to smash open the hundreds of boulders surrounding this small island.

Splaaaash baaam! Splaaaaash baaaaam!


The white wet sands trace the waves that reached the shore. Each stroke of the bubbly waves is recorded and tracked, but sooner than I blink my eyes, all tracks are replaced by a new batch of these bubbly waters.

Splaaaaashhh baaam! Splaaaaash baaaam!


Just watching these waves cross the Bay gives me so much inner peace, no matter how loud they slap and collide with the boulders. The peace that I so long to have has taken its moment amidst the loud splashes of these gigantic water formations. I can now see how these tall, curly big waves calm my inner self.

As I close my eyes to feel the cold breeze, someone taps my right shoulder from behind,



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Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

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