As Far As The Eyes Can See


I’ve been addicted to an online game

I’m not sure if I should say its name.

It’s for modern day farmers who want to have fun,

Cause we don’t get fried under the sun,

Tip Tap Tip Tap and it’s all done.


We love our farms way more than you think

But sometimes our farms go out of sync

Oh no! We might lose good neighbors in just a blink.


I’ve just learned about a secret to level up

Mind you, it’s fast and not a trap.

For in a farm game you have to advance

Otherwise you’ll lose your chance.

Flowers, tall trees, and other grain tops,

Fruits and veggies are just not props.

Each tap of water the farmer drops

Rewards are due for his golden crops.

I love this game as my neighbors say

How big is your field? Can I stay?

I smile and say, Yes please, if you may?

For mine is bigger than Mississippi River

It’s not far. It’s not near. It’s but everywhere

You want it to be.

It’s as far and wide as the eyes can see.



About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

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