My Adam Levine

Can she really love a man from afar?

Like Adam Levine or any other star?

She can’t help but smile and shriek

Albeit she knows chances are bleak.

Goodlooking and truly valiant

These stars appear upfront.

But what about the man

who lives alone in a farm?

He whom she has been eyeing

to actually be her royal king.

He who makes her smile

Amidst the distance more than a mile.

He who knows not she exists

Yet her heart beats fast and twists.

Just whisper to her listening ear

If loving him is a tear or a cheer.

Sleep comes not to this loving dame

for she speaks a hundred times his name.

Can she really love him from afar?

Why not? As long as she’s happy with her star.

About RaineFairy

Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

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