Adieu Tears


Today, I woke up and waited for my phone to ring. It did not. I sat on the bed and checked my messages. Nothing from you, sadly.

All throughout the day, I had high hopes of getting, not one, but several messages and calls from you. The day ended with tears wiping all my hopes away.

You chose to disappear like a bubble in the air. The promises you made, you took them all with you… freezing with the wind. I am now drenched in pain as you chose to turn about and not glance back at me again. Not seeing your name in my phone just wrecks the life out of me.

Today, you ended something beautiful. Something not worth your silence. The thought of not seeing you again, not talking to you ever, will forever linger in my spirit. I, for now. do not see myself loving another man as I have loved you.

Tomorrow, my life begins anew. I am now faced with so many obstacles as I take with me this pain and your broken promises. But because of what’s left of my love for you, I stay calm and peaceful.

Today I am hurting. You have your reasons, opted to keep them to yourself. If you bump into me one day in a busy street, expect to see a smile from me. For you taught me to bear love, not anger. You gave me the freedom to smile, not cry. Today is the last day I shed tears for this love.

I thank you for the good memories. I am grateful that you did not allow me to hear your reasons.


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Just another girl who writes crappy doodles and sloppy scribbles.

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